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The DEW Line Station in Cambridge Bay

The Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line began on 15 February 1954. The DEW Line was designed and built during the Cold War as the primary air defence warning line in case of an over-the-pole invasion of the North America. Attack, over the North Pole by enemy nuclear bombers and missiles was considered a real threat to the security of the United States. To provide early warning of such an attack, the “Distant Early Warning System” (DEW Line) was established across the tundra of northern Greenland, Canada and Alaska. The DEW Line consisted of radar stations with “over lapping” radar coverage and the ability to detect aircraft and missiles within their areas of surveillance.

Fifty-eight sites were constructed in just over two years. Tons of equipment was brought to the Arctic to build the DEW Line stations.

Aerial View of the DEW Line Station in Cambridge Bay
Aerial view of the DEW Line station in Cambridge Bay

DEW Line Station
Close up of DEW Line station

DEW Line Station
Another view of the DEW Line site



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