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Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

Arctic Island Lodge

Arctic Islands Lodge
The Ikaluktutiak Hotel
The Ikaluktutiak Hotel
in Cambridge Bay

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Cambridge Bay

Cambridge Bay Inuit name is Iqaluktuuttiaq which means "place with plenty of fish". It is appropriately named as there is truly excellent fishing in the nearby lakes and rivers.

Located on the southeast coast of Victoria Island, Cambridge Bay has an abundance of Arctic wildlife: caribou, fish, waterfowl, and seals. Visitors to Cambridge Bay can take guided tours to see musk oxen and nesting birds at Mount Pelly. Choose from self-guided walking tours of Cambridge Bay to learn more about the community's history.

The Arctic Coast Visitors' Centre overlooks the bay and features Inuit history, arts and culture. Interpretative trails at Cambridge Bay take visitors through an old town site, and the wreck of Amundsen's ship. Naturalist tours can be arranged, which include wildlife watching for musk oxen, tundra birds and other waterfowl as well as brilliantly flowered tundra in July.

Rainbow over Cambridge Bay

Rainbow over Cambridge Bay

Amundsen's ship
Amundsen's ship, The Eagle

Char Fishing
A good day for fishing

Muskox Spring Container - Sterling, turquoise by Joseph Haluksit

Things to do while you're in Cambridge Bay:

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