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Arctic Char Fishing Trips

You can see hundreds of Arctic Char and Lake Trout in the crystal clear arctic waters. Whether you go:

  • fishing on Cambridge Bay
  • fishing on the nearby rivers
  • fly fishing in the arctic streams
  • ice fishing

the Arctic Char is world reknowned as a fighting fish. You will certainly go home with a fishing story you can tell over and over again.

Arctic Char have a similar life to Atlantic salmon. They migrate upstream to freshwater spawning areas in late summer and fall. The char stay in freshwater over the winter and return to the sea in the spring. They spend the summer feeding in the ocean near the shore.

Char Fishing in Cambridge Bay
Char fishing in the lake near Cambridge Bay

Arctic Char
More happy fishermen

Kitikmeot Fish Processing Plant

Processing fish at the Kitikmeot Foods plant

Kitikmeot Foods

Visit Kitikmeot Foods while you are in Cambridge Bay. Tours of the plant are available and you will be able to bring the fine taste of the Arctic home with you.

Kitikmeot foods processes Arctic char fish and Musk ox

Most of the char catch is caught using a traditional weir. A weir is a circle of stones made into a barrier that can block the fish but allows the passage of water. A weir is an effective device for capturing and harvesting great numbers of fish.

Kitikmeot also processes musk ox into prime cuts, like tenderloins, French racks and steaks.

Their products are sold in many cities including Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto and will soon be available throughout the world.

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